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You’re about to set your Insta growth to autopilot
Add Your Instagram Accounts

Add multiple instagram accounts to manage and automate, all of them in one place

Schedule & Publish Posts Easily

Post and schedule media to instagram directly from your laptop

Set Up The Automation Prefrences

Define the automation targeting options: Location, Hashtag & Competitor accounts

Supercharge Your Insta-Growth

Post and schedule easily. run the automation tools Then take a nap. While that followers, likes and comments count goes up, and up, and up.
Targeting Options
Media Scheduling
Follow Automation
Unfollow Automation
Comments Automation
Likes Automation
DM Automation
Repost Automation

Automate Everything!

Skyrocket your insta-growth with tools that automate almost everything!
Follow & Unfollow Automation

Get very targeted and real followers using our Follow & Unfollow automation tool.

Likes & Comments Automation

Increase engagement by liking and commenting on posts of others automatically.

Direct Messages Automation

Send automated direct messages to all your new followers, help them know more about your services or products!

Repost Automation

Re-post random temporary posts to your accounts based on our targeting options.


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Services Included

Post and Schedule Easily

Post media directly from laptop, schedule to times and dates, No push notifications! - You schedule & instarget posts for you!

Post media to instagram directly from your computer or from the available major cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive. You can post all available post types like normal posts, stories and albums.


Writing captions everytime can take much time. Create unlimited captions for future use and add them to your posts including hashtags, mentions and emojis.


instarget lets you view all your accounts statistics in one place.

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Targeting Options

Take aim at the right users – hone in by #Hashtags, Locations and Competitor’s Accounts as targeting options

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Cloud Services

Instarget lets you import images from your Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive account.

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